About Us

In 2005, we purchased a utility trailer intended for our own use. Many friends expressed an interest in it, or asked if we could find them a trailer. This led to the establishment of BerryLane.

BerryLane currently offers Enbeck, Highland, Cub Caddy and Bush Burro ATV & utility trailers from Canada.

In 2017, BerryLane expanded and diversified, adding high quality Canadian made HDPE recycled plastic furniture and accessories from C.R.Plastic Products, and locally sourced Amish wooden furniture made with Eastern White Cedar.

In 2021, BerryLane added more specialty handcrafted products including Amish quilts, wagons and crokinole boards as well as Maxwell Pottery.

Our Invitation:
You are invited to contact us by phone, email or visit our “natural outdoor showroom”, located in the hospitable Ottawa Valley, to discuss Trailers, Natural Wood Furniture, Recycled Plastic Furniture or Accessories.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

The Berry Family